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Pay It Forward Scheme

February 19, 2023

We have just started a Pay It Forward scheme at Housmans. Pay It Forward schemes are an excellent way to show a little solidarity with unwaged and low income readers.

How does it work?

A Pay It Forward voucher is displayed in the shop. Anyone, no questions asked, can pick up the voucher and use it towards the value of a book. The vouchers are paid for by other Housmans’ supporters.

How can I contribute to the Pay It Forward scheme?

You can buy the voucher online or in the shop. You decide the amount you’d like the voucher to be. Housmans staff will create a paper voucher which will be displayed in the shop and available for customers to use.

Buying a Pay It Forward voucher online

You can buy a Pay It Forward voucher online here. Just choose the amount and add it to your online order!

Buying a Pay It Forward voucher in store

You can also buy Pay It Forward vouchers in store next time you visit. Just ask a member of staff.

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