Pay It Forward Voucher


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Pay It Forward schemes are an excellent way to show a little solidarity with unwaged and low income readers.

How does it work?

A Pay It Forward voucher can be for any amount you choose. You can buy the voucher online or in the shop. Housmans staff will create a paper voucher which will be displayed in the shop and available for customers to use.

Buying a Pay It Forward voucher online

You can only order one voucher at a time. To select the amount of the voucher, change the order quantity – i.e. a quantity of 10 will create a £10 voucher.

If you need help or would like to order multiple vouchers, contact us on 020 7837 4473 or and we’ll sort you out!

Buying a Pay It Forward voucher in store

You can also buy Pay It Forward vouchers in store next time you visit. Just ask a member of staff.