The Online Anarchist Bookfair in London, 17th & 18th October 2020

October 16, 2020

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Due to Covid restrictions the planned Anarchist Bookfair will not be taking place in person, but the collective behind the project have gone to great lengths at some short notice to present a weekend of virtual talks and stalls, all hosted from a new website:

Do give the website an explore…as well as talks across both days, it is possible to make a virtual tour of exhibitors stalls (including Housmans!), and there is a cinema space and workshop space there too.

In the spirit of the fair, here is a small selection of some the Anarchist titles Housmans has in stock.We have a larger selection listed on our online shop here:
…and of course a much larger selection in-store.

As always, if there is something you would like to buy that isn’t listed, do please email and we will do our best to get it for you.

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On Anarchism by
Noam Chomsky

On Anarchism is an essential introduction to the Noam Chomsky’s political theory. On Anarchism sheds a much needed light on the foundations of Chomsky’s thought, specifically his constant questioning of the legitimacy of entrenched power. The book gathers his essays and interviews to provide a short, accessible introduction to his distinctively optimistic brand of anarchism.

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Great Anarchists
by Ruth Kinna
and illustrated by
Clifford Harper

These short introductions delve into the anarchist canon to recover some of the distinctive ideas that historical anarchists advanced to address problems relevant to their circumstances. Although these contexts were special, many of the issues the anarchists wrestled with still plague our lives. The theoretical toolbox that this small assortment of anarchists helped to construct is there to use, amend and adapt.

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Anarchism: A Very Short Introduction
by Colin Ward

Colin Ward considers anarchism from a variety of perspectives: theoretical, historical, and international, and by exploring key anarchist thinkers from Kropotkin to Chomsky. He looks critically at anarchism by evaluating key ideas within it, such as its blanket opposition to incarceration, and policy of ‘no compromise’ with the apparatus of political decision-making.

Housmans staff recommend this as possibly the best introduction to anarchism.

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Anarchist Communism by Peter Kropotkin
(Great Ideas Series)

‘Everywhere you will find that the wealth of the wealthy springs from the poverty of the poor’

Fuelled by anger at injustice and optimism about humankind’s ability to make a better, truly communal society, the anarchist writings of Peter Kropotkin have influenced radicals the world over, from nineteenth-century workers to today’s activists.

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The Murray Bookchin Reader
edited by Janet Biehl

Murray Bookchin was one of North America’s most important ecological voices. Active in the ecology movement for over thirty years, he authored more than a dozen books on urbanism, ecology, technology and philosophy. This Reader spans five decades of writings essential to the ecological and political philosophies of the contemporary libertarian left.

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Classic Writings In Anarchist Criminology : A Historical Dismantling of Punishment and Domination

Anarchists were among the earliest modern thinkers to offer a systemic critique of criminal justice and among the first to directly criticize academic criminology while formulating a critical criminology. This volume collects critical writings on criminology from radicals and thinkers like William Godwin, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Mikahil Bakunin, Peter Kropotkin, Lucy Parsons, Emma Goldman, and many others.

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Nestor Makhno
by Colin Darch

Histories of the Russian Revolution often present the Bolshevik seizure of power in 1917 as the central event, neglecting the diverse struggles of urban and rural revolutionaries across the heartlands of the Russian Empire. This book takes as its subject one such struggle, the anarcho-communist peasant revolt led by Nestor Makhno in left-bank Ukraine, locating it in the context of the final collapse of the Empire that began in 1914.

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Demanding the Impossible
by Peter Marshall

Perhaps the most comprehensive one-volume history of Anarchism there is. In this updated edition, a new epilogue examines the most recent developments, including ‘post-anarchism’ and ‘anarcho-primitivism’ as well as the anarchist contribution to the peace, green and ‘Global Justice’ movements.
An essential for everyone’s home library.

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