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Suburban Socialism (or Barbarism), with Oly Durose [online event]

Thursday January 27 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm

Reflecting on his own landslide loss in conservative suburbia, Oly Durose asks how we can transform the urban outskirts of the status quo into centres of transformative change.

In December 2019, Oly Durose lost by over 25,000 votes as the Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate for Brentwood & Ongar. Revealing what it’s like to stand on a socialist platform in one of the safest Conservative seats in the UK, this book makes the case for socialism in the suburbs, unveils the challenges of its electoral realisation, and proposes a strategic revolution required to win.


Oly Durose is a socialist activist, parliamentary researcher and writer. In the 2019 UK General Election, he stood as the Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate for Brentwood & Ongar. In February 2020, he was a Caucus Site Leader for the Bernie Sanders Campaign in Nevada.

Rhian E. Jones is a writer, critic and broadcaster from South Wales on history, politics and popular culture. She is co-editor of Red Pepper and writes for Tribune magazine. Her books include Clampdown: Pop-Cultural Wars on Class and GenderPetticoat Heroes: Gender, Culture and Popular Protest, Triptych: Three Studies of Manic Street Preachers’ The Holy Bible, the anthology of women’s music writing Under My Thumb: Songs That Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them and Paint Your Town Red: How Preston Took Back Control and Your Town Can Too.


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