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High Desert with Andre Naffis-Sahely

High Desert is a psychedelic journal of end-times and an ode to the American Southwest. Exploring such key events as the First Red Scare, the Tulsa Race Massacre and the West Coast’s wildfire epidemic, Naffis-Sahely’s reflections on class, race, and nationalism chart the region’s hidden histories from the Spanish Colonial Era to the recent pandemic. […]

Black Ghost of Empire

A revelatory historical indictment of the long afterlife of slavery in the Atlantic world Black Ghost of Empire will rewire readers' understanding of the world in which we live. Paradigm-shifting, lucid and courageous, this book shines a light into the enigma of slavery's supposed death, and its afterlives. To fully understand why the shadow of […]

Against the Law with David Renton

Should we shrink the law? One of Britain’s leading social justice barristers puts the case against the constant expansion of the law into new areas, and its greater control over more and more of our lives. Since 2016, Britain has been ruled by populists, who have promised to expand democracy and decrease the law by […]

The Peace Protestors

A history of modern-day war resistance From Afghanistan to the Falklands, from Northern Ireland to Iraq, British troops are nearly always in action somewhere in the world. But whenever there is war, there will be people who resist it. Sometimes, they can draw on public sympathy. At other times, they stand alone against the crowd. […]