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Uncontrollable Women: Radicals, Reformers and Revolutionaries, with Nan Sloane [online event]

Author Nan Sloane charts the history of forgotten women revolutionaries between the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789 and 1832. We're pleased to welcome author Nan Sloane to virtual Housmans for the book launch of Uncontrollable Women: Radicals, Reformers and Revolutionaries. Uncontrollable Women is a history of radical, reformist and revolutionary women between the outbreak of […]

Suburban Socialism (or Barbarism), with Oly Durose [online event]

Reflecting on his own landslide loss in conservative suburbia, Oly Durose asks how we can transform the urban outskirts of the status quo into centres of transformative change. In December 2019, Oly Durose lost by over 25,000 votes as the Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate for Brentwood & Ongar. Revealing what it’s like to stand on […]

Claudia Jones: A Life in Exile, with Jade Bentil, Lola Olufemi and Jumanah Younis [online event]

Housmans is delighted to announce this special event in partnership with publishers Lawrence Wishart to celebrate the publication of Claudia Jones: A Life in Exile by Marika Sherwood. Lawrence Wishart editor Jumanah Younis will be chatting to Jade Bentil and Lola Olufemi about the life of visionary and pioneer Claudia Jones. Born in Trinidad, Claudia's […]

The Great Recoil: Politics after Populism and Pandemic, with Paolo Gerbaudo [online event]

What comes after Neoliberalism? In these times of health emergency, economic collapse, populist anger and ecological threat, societies are forced to turn inward in search of protection. Neoliberalism, the ideology that presided over decades of market globalisation, is on trial, while state intervention is making a spectacular comeback amid lockdowns, mass vaccination programmes, deficit spending […]