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Tangled in Terror: Uprooting Islamophobia, with Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan [online event]

Islamophobia is everywhere. It is a narrative and history woven so deeply into our everyday lives that we don't even notice it – in our education, how we travel, our healthcare, legal system and at work. Behind the scenes it affects the most vulnerable, at the border and in prisons. Despite this, the conversation about […]

Expansion Rebellion with Celeste Hicks [online event]

This is is a story of hope in the face of widespread consternation over the global climate crisis. For many people concerned about global warming, the 2018 vote by UK parliamentarians to proceed with the plans for a third runway at Heathrow Airport was a devastating blow. Aviation was predicted to make up some 25% […]

Girl Online with Joanna Walsh

What happens when a woman goes online? She becomes a girl. The unwritten contract of the internet, that a user is what is used, extends from the well-examined issue of data privacy and consent to the very selves women are encouraged to create in order to appear. Invited to self-construct as 'girls online', vloggers, bloggers […]

Tenants with Vicky Spratt

The urgent story of this country's biggest crisis, told through the lives of those it most affects Tony is facing eviction instead of enjoying retirement; Limarra isn't 'homeless enough' to get help from the council; and for Kelly and her asthmatic son Morgan, another new rented house is a matter of life and death. This […]

Charged with Matt Foot and Morag Livingstone

Who do the police protect? An investigation into 40 years of battling protest that reveals a hidden police agenda against dissent. Charged is an essential investigation into the role of policing protest in Britain today. As the UK government tries to suppress all forms of dissent, in their pursuit of more control, how do the […]

Pride Special: Signing with Peter Staley

We're honoured to host a ‘Never Silent’ book signing with nibbles as a celebration for AIDS & gay rights activist Peter Staley and London’s HIV+ community and friends, organised by ACT UP London. There are limited spaces so sign up free here: And reserve a copy of NEVER SILENT: ACT UP and My Life […]

Doreen Massey: Selected Political Writings

In collaboration with Lawrence Wishart Books Doreen Massey was one of the most influential human geographers of the post-war period. A key feminist and socialist thinker, she brought geographical inequality to the fore of left politics. Through her activism, she combined a focus on class with a prescient awareness of its intersections with gender, race […]

Race to the Bottom: Reclaiming Antiracism, with Azfar Shafi and Ilyas Nagdee [online event]

Antiracist movements are more mainstream than ever before. Liberal democracies boast of their policies designed to stamp out racism in all walks of life. Why then is racism still ever-present in our society? This is not an accident, but by design. Capitalism is structured by racism and has relentlessly attacked powerful movements. Race to the […]

High Desert with Andre Naffis-Sahely

High Desert is a psychedelic journal of end-times and an ode to the American Southwest. Exploring such key events as the First Red Scare, the Tulsa Race Massacre and the West Coast’s wildfire epidemic, Naffis-Sahely’s reflections on class, race, and nationalism chart the region’s hidden histories from the Spanish Colonial Era to the recent pandemic. […]

Against the Law with David Renton

Should we shrink the law? One of Britain’s leading social justice barristers puts the case against the constant expansion of the law into new areas, and its greater control over more and more of our lives. Since 2016, Britain has been ruled by populists, who have promised to expand democracy and decrease the law by […]

Mixed Narratives

Laila Woozeer, Natasha Devon and Jackson Bliss on creating a narrative framework to discuss mixed stories About this event In this conversation, we will discuss our various approaches to telling mixed stories, consider some of the existing frameworks for understanding the experiences of mixed people, and weigh up how useful those have been and if […]

The Peace Protestors

A history of modern-day war resistance From Afghanistan to the Falklands, from Northern Ireland to Iraq, British troops are nearly always in action somewhere in the world. But whenever there is war, there will be people who resist it. Sometimes, they can draw on public sympathy. At other times, they stand alone against the crowd. […]

A Black Feminist Book Club

A (monthly) book club for Black women, femmes and non-binary people to focus on self care, empowerment and community connections. This month we're back at Housmans Bookshop. Our July pick is Women Talk Money: Breaking the Taboo by Rebecca Walker. Feel free to bring snacks. We'll hang around after the event for a bit of […]

Rethinking Class in the 21st Century: Are Labels like “Working Class” and “Middle Class” Still Relevant Today?

St Pancras & Somers Town Living Centre Francis Crick Institute, 2 Ossulston St, London, United Kingdom

Part of a series of events on class relations in the UK today. For information on the whole series of events for Rethinking Class in the 21st Century, see here. ARE LABELS LIKE 'WORKING CLASS' AND 'MIDDLE CLASS' STILL RELEVANT TODAY? Dan Evans with Tom Gann Class has been a definitive aspect of British society […]

£8.00 – £12.99

Rethinking Class in the 21st Century: Lumpen and Working Class Power

St Pancras & Somers Town Living Centre Francis Crick Institute, 2 Ossulston St, London, United Kingdom

Part of a series of events on class relations in the UK today. For information on the whole series of events for Rethinking Class in the 21st Century, see here. LUMPEN AND WORKING CLASS POWER: Dan Evans with D Hunter What does class solidarity mean today? Does the general support for the recent wave of […]

£8.00 – £10.00