8 Titles Relating to the Ukraine / Russia War

April 2, 2022


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Ukraine and Russia : From Civilied Divorce to Uncivil War

University of California, £22.99

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The Gates of Europe : A History of Ukraine
Penguin,  £10.99

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Putin’s Russia : The Rise of a Dictator

by  Darryl Cunningham,
(Graphic Novels) Myriad Editions, £16.99

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Ukraine : A Nation on the Borderland
by Schlogel, Karl

Reaktion, £30.00

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Nothing is True and Everything is Possible : Adventures in Modern Russia

by Pomerantsev, Peter
Faber & Faber, £9.99

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Putin’s People : How the KGB Took Back Russia and Then Took on the West

 HarperCollins, £9.99

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Aftershock :
A Journey into Eastern Europe’s Broken Dreams
by John Feffer

Zed Books, £12.99

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Twelve Who Dont Agree by Valery Panyushkin

Europa Editions, £11.99 

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