Nothing is True and Everything is Possible : Adventures in Modern Russia


by Pomerantsev, Peter

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by Pomerantsev, Peter | Russia
Published 21/09/2017 by Faber & Faber
Paperback | 304 pages


Pomerantsev is one of the most brilliant observers of Putin’s Russia … an electrifying, terrifying book. — Anne Applebaum

A riveting account of the creation of Putin’s Russia. ― The Guardian

[A] riveting, urgent book … Pomerantsev is one of the most perceptive, imaginative and entertaining commentators writing on Russia today and, much like the country itself, his first book is seductive and terrifying in equal measure. — Ben Hoyle ― The Times

The shapeshifters, ultracynics, sleazeballs and forsaken victims in Peter Pomerantsev’s elegantly seething alternative history convey more about the truth – and the lies – of Putinism than could reams of Kremlinology. Unflinching, tragic and profound. ― AD Miller, author of SNOWDROPS

Although Putin is rarely mentioned, this book is one of the finest accounts we have of the grotesque nihilism of his system … required reading for anyone seeking to understand Putin’s Russia, and useful antidotes for anyone – on the right or left – who somehow remains convinced that it represents a purer alternative to the wicked west. — Oliver Bullough ― The Observer

One of the most disturbing books I’ve read for a very long time … a dizzying tour of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, a world of post modern cynicism and corruption. — Andrew Marr

A fizzingly impressionistic account of the new Russian elites … irresistible. — Francis Wheen ― Mail on Sunday

Chilling … Nothing is True and Everything is Possible is more than an evocative travelogue or an insight into a new system of authoritarian control, although it is both of these. It’s also a hammer to the glass, an alarm rung out across the liberal world. — Charlotte Hobson ― The Spectator

Written with sparkle and a fluidity that leaves corners torn in the rush to turn the page this book is a rock’n’rouble rollercoaster of a ride. — Marco Giannangeli ― Daily Express

Peter Pomerantsev has written the most bitter indictment of a nation’s politics and society going wrong since William Shirer’s 1941 Berlin Diary. Pomerantsev has also written a calm and incisive report on the current state of affairs in Russia. Yet it reads like a comedy of manners, a dark and grotesque comedy of manners, a State Department white paper co-authored by Evelyn Waugh and Franz Kafka. And not only that, but Nothing Is True is a bildungsroman, too. — P.J. O’Rourke ― World Affairs Journal

A riveting portrait of the new Russia … I couldn’t put it down. No one should contemplate going to Russia without first reading it. — Tina Brown

Part Henry Fielding, part Dante: a Bildungsroman that morphs into something much darker … The brilliance of Pomerantsev’s hauntingly perceptive and beautifully written book is his understanding that in modern Russia, as in its war with Ukraine, reality is malleable. — David Patrikarakos ― New Statesman

Pomerantsev’s writing is as fizzy as the Prosecco drunk by his Moscow protagonists but his message is sober. His book is a scintillating take on a twisted reality fabricated by the Kremlin and its servants. — Annabelle Chapman ― Prospect

It is hard to think of another work that better describes today’s Russia; Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible may very well be the defining book about the Putin era. — James Kirchick ― Commentary

Pomerantsev’s undoubted strength is in his power to reflect human stories – he does this more precisely and compellingly than virtually any camera lens could – and when he maximises it to his full potential his narrative lifts out of the sociopolitical, and heads for the sublime. This is a writer who will seize your heart when you least expect him to, and you love him all the more for it. — Natalia Antonova ― Open Democracy

Book Description

The essential book on the New Russia, and how it’s travelled from communist collapse to a new form of dictatorship.

About the Author

Peter Pomerantsev is a Senior Fellow at the LSE and a Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins University, studying twenty-first-century information manipulation and how to fix it. An author and TV producer, he is a widely cited expert on disinformation and media, and writes for publications including the Guardian, Granta, the London Review of Books and the New York Review of Books. His first book, Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible, won the 2016 Royal Society of Literature Ondaatje Prize and was nominated for the Samuel Johnson, Guardian First Book, Pushkin House and Gordon Burn prizes and has been translated into over a dozen languages. This is Not Propaganda, his second book, won the Gordon Burn Prize in 2020.