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Opportunity to join Peace News Trustees

May 22, 2021

Peace News Trustees needs you! Would you like to work for peace and justice with an organisation which is financially secure and sustainable?

We are looking for board members (non-executive and remunerated on an expenses only basis) who preferably can offer skills or experience in: book-keeping, company secretary and minute-taking, computer and/or media specialist, a strategist. If you don’t have any of these specific sills, but are willing to learn, we can help!

Got ideas to help Peace News and the rest of the peace/social justice/environment movements make the 21st Century peaceful and sustainable?
Get in touch, please! admin@peacenews.info

NB The Trustees Board meets four times a year, usually in London (but online recently). We’ll cover your travel expenses. A commitment to nonviolence is essential!

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