Housmans Top 101 Bestsellers in 2020

November 27, 2020

For your interest here is a list of the the top 101 bestselling books in 2020.
Of course sales aren’t everything, and the difference between a book in 200th places and 100th isn’t all that much, but nonetheless it’s still interesting to see what books people have been gravitating to the most.

The Black Lives Matter protests over summer created an incredible surge in people reading titles around Black politics, anti-racism and police oppression, though in fact many of these key titles were already selling well before then.

The list naturally favours books published earlier in the year or earlier, as they have had more time on the shelves.

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Here’s the list, #1 at the top:

The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s HouseLorde, Audre
Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About RaceEddo-Lodge, Reni
Girl, Woman, OtherEvaristo, Bernardine
Women, Race & ClassDavis, Angela Y.
Settling the World : Selected Stories 1970-2020Harrison, M. John, Hodgson, Jennifer
Natives : Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire Akala
This Land : The Story of a MovementJones, Owen
Brit(ish) : On Race, Identity and BelongingHirsch, Afua
Your Silence Will Not Protect You : Essays and PoemsEddo-Lodge, Reni, Lorde, Audre, Ahmed, Sara
Feminism, Interrupted : Disrupting PowerOlufemi, Lola
All About Lovehooks, bell
Insurgent Empire : Anticolonial Resistance and British DissentGopal, Priyamvada
Wretched Of The EarthFanon, Frantz
Bullshit Jobs Graeber, David
Boy PartsEliza Clark
Mask Off : Masculinity RedefinedBola, JJ
Capitalist RealismFisher, Mark
Stolen : How to Save the World from FinancialisationBlakeley, Grace
Race : Vintage MinisMorrison, Toni
Woman on the Edge of Time : The classic feminist dystopian novelPiercy, Marge
Afropean : Notes from Black EuropePitts, Johny
No One Is Too Small to Make a DifferenceThunberg, Greta
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism : The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of PowerZuboff, Shoshana
Steal As Much As You Can : How to Win the Culture Wars in an Age of AusterityOlah, Nathalie
Pedagogy of the OppressedFreire, Paulo
Me and White Supremacy : How to Recognise Your Privilege, Combat Racism and Change the WorldSaad, Layla
Parable of the Sower : A powerful tale of a dark and dystopian futureButler, Octavia E.
Pride : The Unlikely Story of the True Heroes of the Miner’s StrikeTate, Tim
Rebel Footprints – Second Edition : A Guide to Uncovering London’s Radical HistoryRosenberg, David
The Government of No One : The Theory and Practice of AnarchismKinna, Ruth
Autobiography Of Malcolm XMalcolm X
I Will Not Be Erased: “Our stories about growing up as people of colour”gal-dem
Prison: A Survival GuideCattermole, Carl
The Good ImmigrantShukla, Nikesh
New Model Island : How to Build a Radical Culture Beyond the Idea of EnglandNiven, Alex
Mouth Full of Blood : Essays, Speeches, MeditationsMorrison, Toni
Fire Next TimeBaldwin, James
How to Be an AntiracistKendi, Ibram X.
Feminism for the 99%Fraser, Nancy, Bhattacharya, Tithi, Arruzza, Cinzia
Against MemoirTea, Michelle
Occult Features Of Anarchism : With Attention to the Conspiracy of Kings and the Conspiracy of the PeoplesLagalisse, Erica, Ehrenreich, Barbara
Whites : On Race and Other FalsehoodsUwagba, Otegha
Zami : A New Spelling of my NameLorde, Audre
Witches, Witch-hunting, And WomenFederici, Silvia
Crippled : Austerity and the Demonization of Disabled PeopleRyan, Frances
White Fragility : Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About RacismDiAngelo, Robin
Make Rojava Green AgainBookchin, Debbie
Sensible Footwear: A Girl’s GuideCharlesworth, Kate
It’s Not About the Burqa : Muslim Women on Faith, Feminism, Sexuality and RaceKhan, Mariam
The DispossessedLe Guin, Ursula K.
The New Jim Crow : Mass Incarceration in the Age of ColourblindnessAlexander, Michelle
Revolting Prostitutes : The Fight for Sex Workers’ RightsMac, Juno, Smith, Molly
Municipal Dreams : The Rise and Fall of Council HousingBoughton, John
Debt : The First 5000 YearsGraeber, David
Talking to My Daughter About the Economy : A Brief History of CapitalismVaroufakis, Yanis
Back to Black : Retelling Black Radicalism for the 21st CenturyAndrews, Kehinde
Hostile Environment : How Immigrants Become the ScapegoatsGoodfellow, Maya
Females: A ConcernLong Chu, Andrea
Great Anarchists Kinna, Ruth
Sister OutsiderLorde, Audre
On AnarchismChomsky, Noam
Algorithms of Oppression : How Search Engines Reinforce RacismNoble, Safiya Umoja
The Boy Who Loved EveryonePorter, Jane, Shearring, Maisie Paradise
The Colour Of Madness Anthology : Exploring BAME mental health in the UKLinton, Samara, Walcott, Rianna
The Clamour of Nationalism : Race and Nation in Twenty-First-Century BritainValluvan, Sivamohan
Caliban & The WitchFederici, Silvia
Advertising Shits In Your Head : Strategies for ResistanceRaoul, Vyvian, Macphee, Josh
Beyond The Periphery Of The Skin : Rethinking, Remaking, Reclaiming the Body in Contemporary CapitalismFederici, Silvia
Freedom is A Constant Struggle : Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a MovementDavis, Angela, Barat, Frank
Ghosts Of My LifeFisher, Mark
TentacleIndiana, Rita, Obejas, Achy
Utopia for Realists : And How We Can Get ThereBregman, Rutger
KindredButler, Octavia E.
Black, ListedBoakye, Jeffrey
How to Have Feminist Sex : A Fairly Graphic GuidePerry, Flo
Letters to a Young PoetRilke, Rainer Maria
The Communist ManifestoMarx, Karl, Engels, Friedrich
How To Do Nothing : Resisting the Attention EconomyOdell, Jenny
Scum ManifestoSolanas, Valerie
Posh Boys : How the English Public Schools Ruin BritainVerkaik, Robert
The BBC : Myth of a Public ServiceMills, Tom
In the Dream House : A MemoirMachado, Carmen Maria
Journey Through Utopia : A Critical Examination of Imagined Worlds in Western LiteratureBerneri, Marie Louise, Woodcock, George, Adams, Matthew S.
The Conquest of BreadKropotkin, Peter
The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet : Wayfarers 1Chambers, Becky
Class Power on Zero-HoursAngry Workers
Trail of LightningRoanhorse, Rebecca
Are Prisons ObsoleteDavis, Angela
The Mushroom at the End of the World : On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist RuinsTsing, Anna Lowenhaupt
Portraits of Violence : An Illustrated History of Radical CritiqueEvans, Brad 
Assata : An AutobiographyShakur, Assata
Queer: A Graphic HistoryBarker, Meg John, Scheele, Julia
Postcolonial BanterManzoor-Khan, Suhaiymah
Gardening for the Zombie ApocalypseClarke, Phil, Lloyd, Isabel
How to Be an Anticapitalist in the Twenty-First CenturyWright, Erik Olin
Leonard and Hungry PaulHession, Ronan
On Bodies: An AnthologyVarious
Red Rosa : A Graphic Biography of Rosa LuxemburgEvans, Kate, Buhle, Paul
The Force of Nonviolence : The Ethical in the PoliticalButler, Judith
The People’s Republic Of Neverland : The Child versus the StateJohnson, Robb
Abolish Work : Abolish Restaurants Plus

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