The Clamour of Nationalism : Race and Nation in Twenty-First-Century Britain


by Valluvan, Sivamohan
United Kingdom, Great Britain

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by Valluvan, Sivamohan | United Kingdom, Great Britain
Published 27/10/2020 by Manchester University Press in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 288 pages, 5 Maps


This book argues that the only way to understand nationalism is through nationalism itself. This ideological clamour that characterises today’s British nationalism requires both recognition and theorisation. A meaningful understanding of new nationalism must reckon with the ideological range animating it and the deeply hostile aversion to different racial minorities that pervades its respective ideologies.

Drawing on a variety of cultural and political themes – ranging from Corbyn’s dithering, the cult of Churchillism, the neoliberal fixation with a ‘point-system’ immigration policy, the muscular secularism of Richard Dawkins and friends, fears that the white working class have ‘been abandoned’, and even simply the strange appeal of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones – this book provides a dazzling and detailed study of how nationalism is the politics of today only because it is a politics of everything.