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Institute of Race Relations Library Sale from 11am, Thursday 22nd October 2020 onwards

October 21, 2020
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Our friends at the IRR have donated a wonderful collection of approximately 300 books from their library, which we will be offering in a special in-store sale from 11am on Thursday 22nd October 2020 onwards. As you might expect, the books are primarily on themes of race, ethnicity, immigration, and international politics. The collection includes many academic books as well as trade titles, with many copies in immaculate, as-new condition. As ever with all Housmans sales we will be selling the books at £1, £3 and £5. The sale will continue while stocks last – for at least two weeks we expect – with additional stock being put out daily.

Please note we are operating social distancing policies within the shop, so you may be asked to wait outside or stand away from the sale table. And a reminder: we require all our customers to wear a mask and sanitise hands on entry, and would ask that you make payment by card only. Thank you!

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The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) was established as an independent educational charity in 1958 to carry out research, publish, and collect resources on race relations throughout the world. In 1972, the IRR’s membership backed the staff in a radical transformation of the organisation from a policy-oriented, establishment, academic institution into an anti-racist ‘thinktank’.

The IRR began to concentrate on responding to the needs of Black people and making direct analyses of institutionalised racism in Britain and the rest of Europe. (For more information on the IRR’s first fifty years, you can a YouTube slide show on IRR’s history by clicking here.)

Today, the IRR is at the cutting edge of the research and analysis that inform the struggle for racial justice in Britain, Europe and internationally. It seeks to reflect the experiences of those who suffer racial oppression and draws its perspectives from the most vulnerable in society. Their publishing work include the world-famous international journal Race & Class, which we stock here at Housmans.

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LATEST IRR REPORT: How Black Working-Class Youth are Criminalised and Excluded in the English School System


Author of the report and IRR researcher Jessica Perera says ‘amidst the Black Lives Matter protests, we have seen increased demands to decolonise the curriculum. At the same time, the coronavirus pandemic has exposed a system which fails working-class students. This paper reminds us that those who have been continually failed are found in PRUs (Pupil Referral Units) and AP ( Alternative Provision) and that their segregation is a damning indictment of a planned education malaise, which has been designed and deployed on a specific section of society with a history of resistance and rebellion.’

IRR Director, Liz Fekete added, ‘With this paper, the IRR challenges the superficial analysis that stigmatises young Black Londoners for knife crime whilst failing to look reality in the eye. Could it be that factors such as austerity, privatisation and educational enclosure have in fact hardwired racial injustice into society?’

For more info and to download the report for free, please visit