Gardening for the Zombie Apocalypse by Isabel Lloyd and Phil Clarke


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Head of Zeus, 2019

‘Brilliant … Equal parts irreverent, cheeky and vitally important … Charming …

Much too valuable to tuck away until the zombies come … A gardening manual that you can put to use immediately, regardless of your situation’ Zombie Research Society. Climate change? Brexit? Screaming brain-biters? Don’t lose the plot, this book can help! Irreverent, straightforward and useful, it shows even complete beginners how to grow enough of their own food to survive when Armageddon arrives and imports collapse.Or even if they don’t. A grow-your-own guide for the generation who’d rather eat compost than watch Gardeners’ World, it tells you how to sow and grow 20 key crops, whether you have two pots, a patio or a whole allotment to play with. It takes you through what seeds, tools and other kit you’ll need, teaches you how to plan and plant your site for maximum nutrition, and suggests gardening projects to get underway while civilization still stands, from growing dinner in a dustbin to a juice bar on a balcony.

All while sticking a garden fork in the eye of the undead. Gardening for the Zombie Apocalypse: surviving has never been so much fun.