We Are Anarchists by M.P.T. Acharya, edited by Ole Birk Laursen


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M.P.T. Acharya (1887–1954) was a contemporary and critic of Mohandas Gandhi during the Indian Independence Movement. A lifetime of anticolonial struggle led him to embrace anarchism and he saw tremendous revolutionary potential the practice of nonviolent direct action. A transnational figure, Acharya engaged in anticolonial activism across India, Europe, the United States, and Russia. He was also a prolific writer for publications across the globe, penning essays that are testimony to a tireless agitator and intellectual seeking to develop a radical, internationalist idea of national liberation. Acharya’s work demonstrates the global reach of anarchism in the interwar period and gives us a more complete and nuanced understanding of Indian anticolonial struggles.

Paperback: 290 pages
ISBN-13: 9781849353427
Publisher: AK Press (April 9, 2019)