Uncommon Wealth : Britain and the Aftermath of Empire


by Koram, Kojo
British Empire


by Koram, Kojo | British Empire
Published 05/01/2023 by John Murray Press (John Murray Publishers Ltd) in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 304 pages

Britain didn’t just put the empire back the way it had found it. Uncommon Wealth is the little known and shocking history of how Britain treated its former non-white colonies after the end of empire. It is the story of how an interconnected group of British capitalists enabled horrific inequality across the globe, profiting in colonial Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

However, the greed unleashed in this era would boomerang, now leaving many ordinary Britons wondering where their own prosperity has gone. Ranging from Jamaica to Singapore, Ghana to Britain, this is a blistering account of how buried decisions of decades past are ravaging Britain today.