Transgender Behind Prison Walls


by Baker, Sarah Jane, Stockwell, Pam
United Kingdom, Great Britain

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by Baker, Sarah Jane, Stockwell, Pam | United Kingdom, Great Britain
Published 15/03/2017 by Waterside Press in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 160 pages

After explaining ‘What is transgender?’ this first book on transgender in a prison setting looks at the entire HM Prison Service regime for such people. Ranging from hard information about rules and regulations, the transition process and how to access it to practical suggestions about clothing, wigs and hairpieces, make-up and coming out, the book also deals with such matters as change of name, gender identity clinics, hormones, medication and use of prison showers and toilets. Covering the entire transition process the book contains contributions from a number of transgender prisoners as well as extracts from reports showing how those in transition still tend to attract a negative portrayal.

Also included are the special security implications of related procedures and descriptions of the attitudes to transgender inmates of other prisoners and staff. It contains a number of appendices dealing with the latest 2016 HM Prison Service Instruction on transgender prisoners and a range of support mechanisms including a list of specialists in the field and other useful reference sources and contacts.It also contains Sarah Jane Baker’s account of her own male-to-female transition and the difficulties she has faced behind bars. The first book of its kind.

Written by a transgender life-sentence prisoner. Includes key extracts from the latest official publications. Contains practical information, advice, warnings and tips.