THIIIRD #5 Defiant Beauty


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THIIIRD is an independent magazine and inclusive platform amplifying the voices and visibility of talent from underrepresented backgrounds. On glossy mag pages, over the radio and through events, we centralises the thought, being and art of people of colour, queer, trans and non-binary people and others with underrepresented backgrounds. We produce an annual print magazine, a bi-monthly podcast and a seasonal events series. From fashion editorials to feature interviews, podcasts, essays and events, we are a hub for discovering creative talents, change makers and critical thought in fashion, the arts and culture.

In stock we have the Alok Vaid-Menon Cover of Defiant Beauty. The fifth edition of THIIIRD is about moving past Eurocentric ideals of beauty to embrace a spectrum – particularly one that celebrates the darkness of skin, thickness of bodies, and hairiness of limbs that traditionally, this standard of beauty rejects.