The Parenthood Dilemma : Decisions in Our Age of Uncertainty


by Rushton, Gina
Society & social sciences

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by Rushton, Gina | Society & social sciences
Published 07/09/2023 by The Indigo Press in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 272 pages

Should we become parents? This question forces us to reckon with what we love and fear most in ourselves, in our relationships, and in the world. When Gina Rushton considered this decision, the choice was less straightforward than she had assumed. Her search for an answer only uncovered more complexity.

How do race, gender and class affect our experiences of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood? How do we address the paradox of creating new life on a planet facing catastrophic climate change? How do we navigate uncompromising workplace cultures and the pitfalls of excessive emotional labour? How does our own childhood impact how we choose to parent, if we do so at all?Drawing on a depth of knowledge gained through her extraordinary work as an award-winning journalist, as well as her personal experiences, Rushton wrote the book she and others needed to transform the discourse around the parenthood dilemma.