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Housmans are proud to be the only UK stockist of LESTE, a radical bi-annual, risograph printed journal of new erotica based in Montreal, Quebec. LESTE is sex positive and centres queer, trans, BIPOC and neo-fetish erotica.

LESTE is ad-free and depends on reader support.

Please visit their Instagram for more information on LESTE’s activism.

Content issue #10:

Emilie Kneifel, Kawai Shen, Bill Barnes, SHA SHA, Anna Daliza, Scarlet Wetherall, BEYONDEEP, Dan Schapiro, J.R. Hughes, Ruby Claire, Davey Davies, Hanna Van Arsdale, Sara Selevitch, Stephanie Kwak, Fuck of the Century, Willow Maclay, A.E. Wae, Kaya Noteboom, Madeline Cass, Sarah Fonesca, Sarah E. Adler.

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