Historical Materialism – Research in Critical Marxist Theory 28.3


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Research Article: Thinking Beyond the Lockdown: On the Possibility of a Democratic Biopolitics. Panagiotis Sotiris

Research Article: Why Did Marx Declare the Revolution Permanent? The Tactical Principles of the Manifesto. Lars T. Lih

Research Article: The Permanenz Locution in its Immediate Rhetorical Context. Textual Appendix for Lars T. Lih, ‘Why Did Marx Declare the Revolution Permanent?’

Research Article: Adorno’s Philistine: the Dialectic of Art and its Other. Paul Ingram

Research Article: Luise Kautsky: The ‘Forgotten Soul’ of the Socialist Movement. James Muldoon

Research Article: ‘March Separately, But Strike Together!’ The Communist Party’s United-Front Policy in the Weimar Republic. Marcel Bois

Research Article: Orwell and Nineteen Eighty-Four Today: Genius and Tunnel Vision. Darko Suvin

Research Article: Introduction to ‘Strategy and Politics’. Darren Roso

Research Article: Strategy and Politics: From Marx to the Third International. Daniel Bensaïd

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