Easy Reading


by Morales, Cristina, Dunn, Kevin Gerry
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by Morales, Cristina, Dunn, Kevin Gerry | Fiction & related items
Published 24/03/2022 by Vintage Publishing (Jonathan Cape Ltd) in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 416 pages

An explosive and daring novel about bodies, sex, politics and disability by the prize-winning Spanish writer Cristina Morales

Angela, Patricia, Marga and Nati are cousins living together in Barcelona. As women branded as disabled who share a state-subsidised flat, they must fight every day to retain their independence and find new and inventive ways – from dance to underground zines – to stop the state from managing every aspect of their lives. Funny and furious, Easy Reading is an indictment of the institutions that stigmatise individuals as disabled and of the language that marginalises them.

It is also a portrait – visceral, vibrant, combative – of contemporary Barcelona. But, above all, Easy Reading is a feminist celebration of the body in all its forms, of female desire and queer sexuality, and of the transgressive and revolutionary power of language. Translated from the Spanish by Kevin Gerry Dunn