Curb Culture, Issue 3 – Paris


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Curb Culture Issue 3 is a celebration of the Parisian skateboarding community, told through a 48 page, black & white photography zine.

The latest issue features interviews getting behind the lens with a French photographer capturing the capital’s skating movement within the pages of a new broadsheet publication, discussing the preservation of skating’s lineage and its relics with the owner of an iconic skate store hidden close to the Louvre, and sharing a new DIY park bringing the mantra of the Californian scene to Paris.

Issue 3 also explores Mexico city with established photographer Amau Rivera, Recalls one skater’s experiences of a changing skate scene and a decade of pursuing a career on a board; and how a community came rallied together to make its new skate park a more inclusive and accessible space for those with mental health.

Limited Run of 100.