Colin Ward: Life, Times and Thought edited by Carl Levy


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Colin Ward was one of the most significant thinkers and activists of the British anarchist movement in the twentieth century. He was a prolific journalist who had a profound impact on political thought, most notably through his works on urban life, housing, squatters, children and criminology.

Contributors focus on Ward’s life and works, including analyses of: his contribution to the resurgence of anarchist journalism through War Commentary and Freedom; his impact on other activists; the relationship between his form of anarchism and the evolving New Left; how Ward’s ‘practical anarchism’ was influenced by the works of Peter Kropotkin; Ward’s Englishness; the contributions he made to British social policy in the post-war period; and his endorsement of the seemingly incompatible movements of social anarchism and lifestyle anarchism.

  • Paperback : 144 pages
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1907103735
  • Publisher : Lawrence & Wishart Ltd (21 Jan. 2014)