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About Capital & Class

Since 1977 Capital & Class has been the main independent source for a Marxist critique of global capitalism. Pioneering key debates on value theory, domestic labour, and the state, it reaches out into the labour, trade union, anti-racist, feminist, environmentalist and other radical movements. It analyses the important political, economic and social developments of our time and applies a materialist framework unconstrained by divisions into economics, politics, sociology or history.

Each issue includes both in-depth papers and an extensive book reviews section.


Marx’s geopolitical economy: ‘The relations of producing nations’
Radhika Desai

Cybernetic proletarianization: Spirals of devaluation and conflict in digitalized production
Simon Schaupp

Defining financial reforms in the 19th-century capitalist world-economy: The Ottoman case (1838–1914)
Giampaolo Conte

Targets and overwork: Neoliberalism and the maximisation of profitability from the workplace
Luke Telford and Daniel Briggs

Rethinking the relationship between Marx’s Capital and Hegel’s Science of Logic: The tradition of creative Soviet Marxism
Manolis Dafermos

Neoliberalism with Scandinavian characteristics: The slow formation of neoliberal common sense in Denmark
Rune Møller Stahl

Overaccumulation, crisis, and the contradictions of household waste sorting
Kirstin Munro

Book Reviews
Marxism, Pedagogy, and the General Intellect by Derek R Ford
Reviewed by Collin Chambers

The Debt System: A History of Sovereign Debts and Their Repudiation by Éric Toussaint
Reviewed by Ali Rıza Güngen

Karl Polanyi’s Political and Economic Thought: A Critical Guide by Gareth Dale, Christopher Holmes, and Maria Markantonatou (eds)
Reviewed by Victor Manuel Isidro Luna

Creating the Intellectual: Chinese Communism and the Rise of a Classification by Eddy U
Reviewed by Amir Khan
Volume 46 Number 1 March 2022

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