Best B4 1984: Fanzine and Flyer Images from the Anarcho-Punk Underground


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Best B4 1984 by Chris Low (former drummer with The Apostles, Part One, OI Polloi etc) is a beautifully presented, limited edition, A4 size, fine-bound, 100 page collection of over 120 of the most visually stunning and ideologically engaging images from the 1980-1984 halcyon days of the UK Anarcho Punk scene.

Printed on 100% eco-friendly, non bleached recycled paper it features facsimiles of fanzine pages, gig posters, cassette covers, handouts, flyers and other ephemera from Chris’s personal archive collected over this period including works by: Crass, The Apostles, Rudimentary Peni, Part One, The Mob, Poison Girls, APF Brigade, Psycho Faction, Living Legends, Flux of Pink Indians, Annie Anxiety, The Alternative, Oi Polloi, Hagar The Womb, Krondstadt Uprising, Lack of Knowledge, Assassins of Hope, Riot Clone, Political Asylum, Dirt, AOA, Napalm Death + many more; pages from fanzines including Kill Your Pet Puppy, Pigs For Slaughter, Toxic Graffiti, New Crimes, Scrobe, Antigen, The Book of Revelations, Coming Attack, Final Curtain, Scum, Dawning of a New Error, Tender Mercy, Twisted Nerve, Children of The Revolution, Cobalt Hate, Hysteria, A New Body, Enigma, The Fanzine With No Name and documents by anarchist/political groups such as Stop The City, Class War, London Greenpeace, London Autonomists, Anarchist Youth Federation, Persons Unknown Defence Campaign plus others.