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Online Book Launch: “The People’s Republic of Neverland: The Child versus the State” with Robb Johnson and Louise Regan

COVID has dramatically confirmed that the current condition of state education is not fit for purpose. Join educators and organizers Robb Johnson and Louise Regan to discuss how 30 years of "education reform" have created a dysfunctional mass education system that ruthlessly prioritises the agenda of the neo-liberal state over the needs of children. Robb […]

£3.00 – £17.99

Book Launch – Postcapitalist Desire: The Final Lectures of Mark Fisher with Matt Colquhoun and James Butler [online event]

Join Matt Colquhoun and James Butler as they examine the crucial legacy of Mark Fisher, to celebrate the publication of Postcapitalist Desire: The Final Lectures of Mark Fisher, edited by Colquhoun. When we lost Mark Fisher in 2017, we lost one of our most exciting and vital critics of contemporary politics and culture. Providing lucid […]

£1.00 – £12.99

BOOK LAUNCH: Disturbing the Body, with Abi Hynes and Irenosen Okojie

Three feminist bookshops have joined forces with Boudicca Press to celebrate ​Disturbing The Body​, a subversive collection of speculative memoir about misbehaving bodies. Disturbing The Body Body ​will launch across three nights, with​ Lighthouse, Five Leaves ​and Housmans​ bookshops each hosting a new pairing of writers. The ambitious three-part launch reflects the creativity and character […]

Free – £3.00

BOOK LAUNCH: System Crash – An activist guide to making revolution, with Neil Faulkner and Simon Hannah [online event]

Pandemic, climate crisis, endless war, mega-slums, police repression, creeping fascism, economic stagnation: these shape our world. This book provides hope for an alternative future. We're really pleased at Housmans to celebrate the launch of the latest offering from Resistance Books. System Crash is an activist guide to making revolution, a call to arms. Written by […]

Free – £3.00

Not Quite Right for Us: Celebrating flipped eye and Speaking Volumes, with Sharmilla Beezmohun and Colin Grant

Housmans is very proud to announce a joint event with flipped eye and Speaking Volumes to celebrate the publication of Not Quite Right for Us, an anthology featuring 40 international voices talking about outsider-ness. This event is also part of flipped eyes's 20th anniversary celebrations. Not Quite Right for Us is published in collaboration with […]

Free – £3.00

Left Populism in Europe: Lessons From Jeremy Corbyn to Podemos – Marina Prentoulis in conversation with Kate Hudson [online event]

What we can do to harness the power of broad-based, popular left politics? We are really pleased to welcome Marina Prentoulis to virtual Housmans to discuss her new book with Pluto Press, Left Populism in Europe: Lessons From Jeremy Corbyn to Podemos. Marina will be in conversation with Kate Hudson, the General Secretary of the […]

Free – £3.00

Ill Feelings: Stories of Unexplained Illness, with Alice Hattrick in conversation with Abi Palmer [online event]

A moving and defiant exploration of life with a medically unexplained illness. In 1995 Alice’s mother collapsed with pneumonia. She never fully recovered and was eventually diagnosed with ME, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Then Alice got ill. Their symptoms mirrored their mother’s and appeared to have no physical cause; they received the same diagnosis a few years later.  Ill Feelings blends memoir, medical […]

How to Stop Fascism: Paul Mason in conversation with Ewa Majewska [online event]

History shows us the conditions that breed fascism, and how it can be successfully overcome. But it is up to us in the present to challenge it. What are we going to do about it? We are pleased to welcome Paul Mason to virtual Housmans to discuss his latest publication, How to Stop Fascism. Paul […]

Putin’s Russia: The Rise of a Dictator, with Darryl Cunningham [online event]

Join us for the online launch of acclaimed graphic novelist Darryl Cunningham's biography of Vladimir Putin. Master manipulator or gangster? The malign thrust of Putin’s domestic and foreign policy is exposed in Cunningham’s latest page-turning biography including his early life, political career, the wars in Chechnya, Crimea and the Ukraine, the crackdown on human rights, […]

No Matter How Many Skies Have Fallen: Back to the Land in Wartime Britain, with Ken Worpole [online event]

Social historian Ken Worpole uncovers the lost story of Frating Hall Farm, documenting the passionate religious and political ideals of this back-to-the-land community in wartime and postwar Britain. On 'Lady Day', March 1943 a group of Christian pacifists took possession of a vacant farm in Frating, a hamlet on the Essex Tendring Peninsula. There they […]

VETERANHOOD, with Joe Glenton in conversation with Matt Kennard [online event]

The military veteran is claimed by all sides. Conservatives, liberals and socialists all want to speak about and for ex-servicemen, yet far-right demonstrations are dotted with berets and medals and ex-military men have become celebrities of the reactionary manosphere. So who are Britain's ex-servicemen? What do they want? What are their politics? What are the […]

Daring to Hope: My Life in the 1970s, with Sheila Rowbotham [online event]

In this powerful memoir Sheila Rowbotham looks back at her life as a participant in the women’s liberation movement, left politics and the creative radical culture of a decade in which freedom and equality seemed possible. She reveals the tremendous efforts that were made to transform attitudes and feelings, as well as daily life. After […]

Uncontrollable Women: Radicals, Reformers and Revolutionaries, with Nan Sloane [online event]

Author Nan Sloane charts the history of forgotten women revolutionaries between the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789 and 1832. We're pleased to welcome author Nan Sloane to virtual Housmans for the book launch of Uncontrollable Women: Radicals, Reformers and Revolutionaries. Uncontrollable Women is a history of radical, reformist and revolutionary women between the outbreak of […]

Doreen Massey: Selected Political Writings

In collaboration with Lawrence Wishart Books Doreen Massey was one of the most influential human geographers of the post-war period. A key feminist and socialist thinker, she brought geographical inequality to the fore of left politics. Through her activism, she combined a focus on class with a prescient awareness of its intersections with gender, race […]