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Dawn Foster Memorial Library Sale, from 11am Sat 16th October

October 6, 2021

Housmans are honoured to have been donated the private library of our recently departed friend, the author Dawn Foster. Dawn died this summer, aged just 34. We have shared this obituary from Adam Ramsay before in a previous newsletter, but for those who missed it, here it is again.

As you might imagine from her writings, Dawn read widely across the political spectrum, and this large library of several hundred books reflects that breadth. The books are predominantly contemporary political titles, as well as including lots of excellent fiction titles.

By way of tribute we have stamped all of Dawn’s books with the imprint ‘DAWN FOSTER FOREVER – From the library of Dawn Foster 1986-2021’ (pictured below). As ever with Housmans library sales all titles are priced £1, £3 and £5.

The sale will start at 11am, Saturday 16th October, and guessing by the number of books we have it should last at least a couple of weeks. Unfortunately it is not possible to make lists available of the titles – this is an in-store sale only.

We would like to send our sincerest thanks to those looking after Dawn’s estate for donating this library – we hope that by making these books available we can contribute to celebrating her life and memory.

Dawn was a supporter of the following groups and if you would like to honour her memory by supporting their work please consider making a donation:




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