Come Join Our Disease


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by Byers, Sam | Fiction
Published 18 March 2021 by Faber Books in the United Kingdom
Hardback | 368 pages

‘A savvy, subtle chronicler of contemporary malaise.’ Financial Times

From the author of Perfidious Albion, a darkly comic and profoundly affecting novel about resistance, radicalism and redemption. Maya is homeless. When her site is razed by ruthless authorities, she’s detained.

But then, Maya is given a lifeline; a chance to re-enter society again. A tech company – angling to raise its philanthropic profile – offers her a job and a flat. There’s one caveat: Maya must document her inspiring progress on Instagram to show that anyone can be productive; perfect.

Yet Maya realises that sickness is a kind of revolution. With other outcasts, Maya starts a movement: billboards promoting wellness are defaced all over London and her media feed is flooded with obscene, filthy images. Suddenly, questions arise about the forces unleashed: liberation and madness, protest and anarchy, rebellion and chaos.