Where it Rains in Color


by Crittendon, Denise
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by Crittendon, Denise | Fiction & related items
Published 13/12/2022 by Watkins Media Limited (Angry Robot) in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 400 pages

Colonized by the descendants of Earth’s West African Dogon Tribe, the planet of Swazembi is a blazing, color-rich utopia and famous vacation center of the galaxy. No one is used to serious trouble in this idyllic, peace-loving world, least of all the Rare Indigo. But Lileala’s perfect, pampered lifestyle is about to be shattered.

The unthinkable happens and her glorious midnight skin becomes infected with a mysterious disease. Where her skin should glisten like diamonds mixed with coal, instead it scabs and scars. On top of that, she starts to hear voices in her head, and everything around her becomes confusing and frightening.

Lileala’s destiny, however, goes far beyond her beauty. While searching for a cure, she stumbles upon something much more valuable. A new power awakens inside her, and she realizes her whole life, and the galaxy with it, is about to change…

File Under: Science Fantasy [ True Colors | Embrace the Change | What Will Be | Dancing in the Rain ]