Transform : A Journal of the Radical Left #9 June 2021


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Journal of the radical left which seeks to help provide a theoretical basis to advance the left in this new political context. It is informed by Marxism and also welcomes the contribution of other progressive political currents such as feminism and environmentalism. It seeks to theorise and critically analyse:

  • The nature of the period and the character and composition of the key political and economic forces and factors
  • The means and methods of political struggle and the organisation of working class and progressive forces to defeat the far right
  • Left alternatives to capitalism and strategies for left political advance
  • Working class unity and the politics of alliance building

Transform will work in solidarity with the transform! network of 29 European organizations from 20 countries, active in the field of political education and critical scientific analysis. transform! is the political foundation of the European Left Party. “Overcoming war, dominance of capital, social injustice, patriarchy, imperial rule and militarism as well as racism, working towards the establishment of an association in which the uninhibited development of each and every person is condition for the uninhibited development of all shall represent the highest goals of this undertaking. The equality of all people and their solidarity represent the most important values transform! is based on.”


Race, class and the paradox of American politics Michael Wongsam

After victory in Bolivia: Latin America’s left retakes the offensive Francisco Domínguez

‘Far-right? Oh, piss off !’ How women’s strikes in Poland help to formulate a vaccine against far-right folly Urszula Kuczyńska

The Cordon Sanitaire around the Far Right has fallen in the land of the Carnation Revolution. What now? Fabian Figueiredo

Lenin’s socialism – from the perspective of the future: some considerations Tamás Krausz

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: the beginning of the end for nuclear weapons? Tom Unterrainer

Making spacecraft: skills, labour processes and cosmic society Peter Dickens

Interview: Tansy Hoskins on her new book: FOOT WORK – WHAT YOUR SHOES ARE DOING TO THE WORLD

Review: Andrew Burgin on Richard Smith’s new book: CHINA’S ENGINE OF ENVIRONMENTAL COLLAPSE

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