Transform : A Journal of the Radical Left #10 2022


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Journal of the radical left which seeks to help provide a theoretical basis to advance the left in this new political context. It is informed by Marxism and also welcomes the contribution of other progressive political currents such as feminism and environmentalism. It seeks to theorise and critically analyse:

  • The nature of the period and the character and composition of the key political and economic forces and factors
  • The means and methods of political struggle and the organisation of working class and progressive forces to defeat the far right
  • Left alternatives to capitalism and strategies for left political advance
  • Working class unity and the politics of alliance building

Transform will work in solidarity with the transform! network of 29 European organizations from 20 countries, active in the field of political education and critical scientific analysis. transform! is the political foundation of the European Left Party. “Overcoming war, dominance of capital, social injustice, patriarchy, imperial rule and militarism as well as racism, working towards the establishment of an association in which the uninhibited development of each and every person is condition for the uninhibited development of all shall represent the highest goals of this undertaking. The equality of all people and their solidarity represent the most important values transform! is based on.”


Russia, Ukraine and Imperialism

The March of Folly Resumed: Russia, Ukraine and the West Richard Sakwa

The Crisis in the Labour Party and building an alternative Thelma Walker

Latin America -a positive balance sheet, the dream lives on Francisco Dominguez

The covid-19 pandemic in Poland and central and eastern Europe Gavin Rae

Biden’s first year Michael Wongsam

What would labour be like in a socialist society? Raquel Varela

Non-capitalist mixed economies Peter Szigeti

Interview: BARBARISM IS NOT THE WORST CASE Tamas Krausz in conversation with Attila Antal from Eszmelet journal

OBITUARY: NEIL FAULKNER Transform pays tribute

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