The View Magazine – Spring 2021


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By and for women in the criminal justice system, their families, NGOs and support networks.

The View Magazine is a magazine campaigning platform and is filled with first-person stories – art, and poems by and from women in prison. Women in prison or serving license in the community are paid for their contributions.

In the UK 12,000 women are sent prison each year. The vast majority are serving short sentences for non-violent crimes. Most of them are parents, leaving 17,500 children separated from their mums by incarceration annually.

These women are a very vulnerable group. They are 5 times more likely to report mental health issues then women in the community, 70% have experienced domestic violence, and more than half experienced abuse in childhood. Of these women those from an ethnic minority background are almost twice as likely to be in prison.

Three quarters of women reoffend after serving a short sentence.

Clearly prison isn’t working. We need to stop the mass incarceration of vulnerable communities and find better solutions.

The voices of women in the justice system needs to be at the heart of this change.

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