The Five Health Frontiers : A New Radical Blueprint


by Thomas, Christopher
Society & social sciences

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by Thomas, Christopher | Society & social sciences
Published 20/01/2022 by Pluto Press in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 240 pages

A brilliant expose’ – Danny DorlingCovid-19 has exposed the limits of a neoliberal public health orthodoxy. But instead of imagining radical change, the left is stuck in a rearguard action focused on defending the NHS from the wrecking ball of privatisation. Public health expert Christopher Thomas argues that we must emerge from Covid-19 on the offensive – with a bold, new vision for our health and care.

He maps out five new frontiers for public health and imagines how we can move beyond safeguarding what we have to a radical expansion of the principles put forward by Aneurin Bevan, the founder of the NHS, over 70 years ago. Beyond recalibrating our approach to healthcare services, his blueprint includes a fundamental redesign of our economy through Public Health Net Zero; a bold new universal public health service fit to address the real causes of ill health; and a major recalibration in the efforts against the epidemiological reality of an era of pandemics.