STIR – Issue #39 Autumn 2022: Imperialism and the Diggers


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STIR is the magazine for the new economy.

About STIR:

Our magazine explores new economic alternatives, where the democratic economy and civic society come together.

We feature original illustrations, long-form interviews, and in-depth articles that move beyond traditional commentary and opinion to explore the inspiring and viable alternatives to the current political and economic crisis.

“This magazine is deeply informative, radically inspiring, and totally damn beautiful. This is what I want the future to look like.” Brett Scott, Campaigner and author.


About this issue:

One crisis to the next? Stuart Hall and the politics of the conjuncture – Matthew Wilson

In the face of the constant crises of our time, from Austerity to Brexit to Covid, Matthew Wilson suggests learning from the cultural theorist Stuart Hall’s ideas of ‘conjunctures’ and common sense, understanding political and cultural life as a complex web of social relations, shifting over time.

Q&A: Public-Common Partnerships – Bertie Russell, Kai Heron & Kier Milburn in conversation with Frances Northrop

Public-Common Partnerships (PCPs) are a proposed approach to the common ownership and governance of assets and resources, proposing a role for public institutions in both de-risking and enabling processes of commoning. Frances Northrop speaks to Bert, Kai, and Kier to understand more about how PCPs fit into the wider movement for the democratic economy.

Imperialism and the Diggers – Rowan Powell

St George’s Hill, Surrey, today a private gated community and golf course, has long been a prominent site of anti-imperial dispute and resistance against enclosure. Rowan Powell traces the lineage of this land, beginning with the seventeenth-century insurgency of the Diggers, a group of poor radical agrarian protesters, through global processes of colonial land dispossession and anti-imperial struggle.

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