10 ZINE: A Sick Love Publication


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Sick Love was created as a means to inspire conversations that our Editor felt were crucial but commonly brushed over in more traditional art based media. There are so many issues in the creative industries and so many interesting opinions coming from the youth that creating a platform where people were encouraged to express them seemed crucial.

As a multi-platform project dedicated to voicing the issues that affect young creatives, we aim to offer a constructive space for young creatives to platform their work and voice their opinions. Through Sick Love, we encourage young creatives to promote their work whilst remaining socially critical, highlighting individual issues and mobilising social critique. Run by young people for young people, we hope to make our posts both relatable and inspiring for those who read our content.


10 ZINE centres itself around the London based creatives and activists we believe are set to make progressive change in their fields over the next 10 years. To mark Sick Love’s 1-year anniversary, we wanted to create a print issue that embodied our ethos, aiming to champion young creatives whilst reflecting on the issues that affect many in the community.

Photographed by Aria Shahrokhshahi, the zine features:

Ellie Pennick (founder of Guts Gallery)

Lucia Blayke (founder of Trans+ Pride and Harpies)

Bee Illustrates


Foundation FM

Seren Metcalfe (founder of the Working Class Creatives Database)

Teaday Blogs (founder of Re-Educate)

Queer House Party


Prishita Maheshwari-Aplin (Politics Editor at BRICKS Magazine and trustee for Voices4 London)

10 ZINE also includes artworks by George William Vicary and Beth Nicol.