by Cohen, Josh
Literature & literary studies

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by Cohen, Josh | Literature & literary studies
Published 07/10/2021 by Peninsula Press Ltd in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 128 pages

You are a loser. This isn’t a personal slight, but an impersonal truth of the species, writes Josh Cohen in this essay about love, literature and politics. Today, no figure in more ridiculed and reviled than the loser.

In the wake of recent political upsets, the bruised liberal dreams of winning it all back. Meanwhile a swollen self-help industry continues to grow with a single, seductive promise: read this, and join the ranks of the winners. But being a loser isn’t a personal failing; it’s an essential part of being human.

In this remarkable essay, at once political, philosophical and very funny, psychoanalyst Josh Cohen teaches us to take pride in embracing our inner loser.