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Housmans are proud to be the only UK stockist of LESTE, a radical bi-annual, risograph printed journal of new erotica based in Montreal, Quebec. LESTE centres queer, trans, BIPOC and neo-fetish erotica.

Please visit their Instagram for more information on LESTE’s activism.

Content issue #7:

The Club
Vivian Fu
Sennah Yee
Gabrielle Marceau
Fan Wu
Ella Webber
Kalale Dalton-Lutale
Eli Tareq Lynch
Bronson Smilie
Leah Schulli
Delilah Rosier
LA Warman
Brie Moreno
Sage Nokomis Wright
Nailah Ahmad
Samuel Te Kani
Philippa Snow
Courtney Toderash
Alessia Dowhaniuk
Skye Oleson Cormack
Amanda Harvey
Olivia Dreisinger
Gabby Bess
Judith Hunter

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