DOPE Magazine #15 Autumn 2021


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“Across Britain, from Brighton to Edinburgh, DOPE is distributed for homeless people to sell on the streets. People ranging from rough sleepers to asylum seekers can collect the newspaper for free, sell it for the cover price of £3 and keep the proceeds.”
– New Statesman

DOPE Magazine is a quarterly newspaper published by Dog Section Press.

We distribute free bundles of DOPE to anyone who could use a little solidarity, to sell on the street. Working with a network of radical bookshops, social centres, homeless organisations and independent volunteers, we currently distribute 20,000 copies each issue. This is worth around £60,000 to our street-vendors – or £240,000 annually.

DOPE is also free to prisoners, who can request copies via Haven Distribution.

You can support this work either via Patreon or by making a donation.

Content issue #15:

DOPE 15 features: Amelia Horgan, Jessica Thorne, Martin O’Neil, Nathan Stephens-Griffin, Nick Hayes, Rhian E. Jones, Ruth Kinna, Shelby Studios, Sophie Bass, Special Patrol Group, Tom Medwell, Vegan Anarchist Girls (V.A.G.), Veronica Deutsch (IWGB Nannies), Want Some Studio & Warren King.

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