Catalyst 5.2


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Discussion of capitalism is not off the table any longer. Catalyst: A Journal of Theory and Strategy launches with the aim of doing everything it can to promote and deepen this conversation. Our focus is, as our title suggests, to develop a theory and strategy with capitalism as its target — both in the North and in the Global South. It is an ambitious agenda, but this is a time for thinking big.


  • Noam Chomsky

An Era of Impunity Is Over

  • Paul Heideman

Behind the Republican Party Crack-up

  • Rashid Khalidi

Will US Empire Ever Break With Israel?

  • Jeremy Cohan and Benjamin Serby

The Two Souls of Marcuse’s One-Dimensional Man

  • Gilbert Achcar

Israel Is Losing American Liberals

  • Dina Rizk Khoury

Iraq After US Occupation


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