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About Capital & Class

Since 1977 Capital & Class has been the main independent source for a Marxist critique of global capitalism. Pioneering key debates on value theory, domestic labour, and the state, it reaches out into the labour, trade union, anti-racist, feminist, environmentalist and other radical movements. It analyses the important political, economic and social developments of our time and applies a materialist framework unconstrained by divisions into economics, politics, sociology or history.

Each issue includes both in-depth papers and an extensive book reviews section.


Behind the News

Educators need to be educated: Or, ‘class struggle’ in academia 339 – Raju Das


Selling debt: Interrogating the moral claims of the financial elites in Central Asia – Balihar Sanghera and Elmira Satybaldieva

The Reproduction of money material in Marx’s Capital II (by way of a critique of Sandemose’s ‘gold digging’) – Tomás Friedenthal

Diversities of neoliberalism: Comparing US–Japan labor policymaking under Abe Shinzō and Donald Trump – Charles Weathers

Indigeneity and political economy: Class and ethnicity of the Guarani-Kaiowa – Antonio Augusto Rossotto Ioris
What is organizational inequality? Why is it increasing as macroeconomic inequality increases? – Andrea Bernardi and Pasquale Tridico

Book Reviews

The Ungovernable Society: A Genealogy of Authoritarian Liberalism by Grégoire Chamayou
Reviewed by Sam Popowich

Value by Frederick Harry Pitts
Reviewed by Zaynab El Bernoussi

Socialism in Marx’s Capital: Towards a Dealienated World by Paresh Chattopadhyay
Reviewed by George Liodakis

Workers’ Inquiry and Global Class Struggle by Robert Ovetz
Reviewed by Jon Las Heras

Undoing Work, Rethinking Community: A Critique of the Social Function of Work by James A. Chamberlain
Reviewed by Jörg Nowak

Books available for review

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