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About Capital & Class

Since 1977 Capital & Class has been the main independent source for a Marxist critique of global capitalism. Pioneering key debates on value theory, domestic labour, and the state, it reaches out into the labour, trade union, anti-racist, feminist, environmentalist and other radical movements. It analyses the important political, economic and social developments of our time and applies a materialist framework unconstrained by divisions into economics, politics, sociology or history.

Each issue includes both in-depth papers and an extensive book reviews section.


Behind the News

Amazonian destruction, Bolsonaro and COVID-19: Neoliberalism unchained – Paul Stewart, Brian Garvey, Mauricio Torres and Thais Borges de Farias

Locating Gramsci in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh: Perspectives on the iconic women’s protest in India – Suddhabrata Deb Roy


Reversing the catastrophe of neoliberal-led global capitalism in the time of coronavirus: Towards a democratic socialist alternative – David Neilson

Neoliberalism is not dead – On political implications of Covid-19 – Miloš Šumonja

Institutions, social change, and economic development in the periphery: A confrontation between neo-institutionalism and Arrighi and Piselli’s essay on Calabria – Olivier Butzbach

Disciplinary effects of capital accumulation: Exploring the steering and fiscal capacity of the state in Italy and Spain – Daniela Caterina and Nikolai Huke

Labour market policy under the new European economic governance: France in the focus of the new European labour market policy – Felix Syrovatka

Extended Book Review
Who won the war in an Irish town? From the tyranny of fear to fear of freedom

One Man’s Terrorist: A Political History of the IRA by Daniel Finn

Peace or Pacification? Northern Ireland After the Defeat of the IRA by Liam O’Ruairc

Reviewed by Paul Stewart and Tommy McKearney

Plus Book Reviews and more

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