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About Capital & Class

Since 1977 Capital & Class has been the main independent source for a Marxist critique of global capitalism. Pioneering key debates on value theory, domestic labour, and the state, it reaches out into the labour, trade union, anti-racist, feminist, environmentalist and other radical movements. It analyses the important political, economic and social developments of our time and applies a materialist framework unconstrained by divisions into economics, politics, sociology or history.

Each issue includes both in-depth papers and an extensive book reviews section.


Symposium: Decolonising green Marxism: Capitalism, decolonialism and radical environmental politics

Symposium Articles

Forum introduction: Decolonising green Marxism: Capitalism, decolonialism and radical environmental politics – José Pablo Prado Córdova and David J Bailey

A novel human-based nature-conservation paradigm in Guatemala paves the way for overcoming the metabolic rift – José Pablo Prado Córdova

Notes for a critical and ecological view of patriarchal capiltalism in the web of life – Mina Lorena Navarro Trujillo

Humans, nature and dialectical materialism – Yuliya Yurchenko


Contemporary employer victimisation of lay union representatives in Britain: Issues, dynamics and extent- Gregor Gall

Precarization of work and employment in the light of competitive Europeanization and the fragmented and flexible regime of
European production – Stefanie Hürtgen

Tolling academics: Rent-seeking and gatekeeping in the university space – John Welsh

Lustration in Iraq: Regime change as exclusion and control – Peter Shirlow

Beyond work intensification: The contradictions and ironies of the changing nature of ‘unskilled’ work in a context of austerity and
organisational change – Jo McBride and Miguel Martínez Lucio

Plus Book Reviews and more

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