Capital & Class 44.4



About Capital & Class

Since 1977 Capital & Class has been the main independent source for a Marxist critique of global capitalism. Pioneering key debates on value theory, domestic labour, and the state, it reaches out into the labour, trade union, anti-racist, feminist, environmentalist and other radical movements. It analyses the important political, economic and social developments of our time and applies a materialist framework unconstrained by divisions into economics, politics, sociology or history.

Each issue includes both in-depth papers and an extensive book reviews section.


Symposium: Emerging forms of worker collectivism among the precariat

Emerging forms of worker collectivism among the precariat: When will capital’s ‘gig’ be up? by Gregor Gall

Beyond mobilisation at McDonald’s: Towards networked organising by Alex J Wood

Control, camaraderie and resistance: Precarious work and organisation in hospitality by Joe Kearsey

Fast Food Shutdown: From disorganisation to action in the service sector by Callum Cant and Jamie Woodcock

How to beat the boss: Game Workers Unite in Britain by Jamie Woodcock

Contesting ‘bogus self-employment’ via legal mobilisation: The case of foster care workers
by Eleanor Kirk

Rediscovering the cash nexus, again: Subsumption and the labour–capital relation in platform work
by Simon Joyce


Brexit and the working class on Teesside: Moving beyond reductionism
Luke Telford and Jonathan Wistow

Social form, social reproduction and social policy: Basic income, basic services, basic infrastructure
Lorena Lombardozzi and Frederick Harry Pitts

Plus Book Reviews and more