Bitch Magazine issue 92/ Fall Winter 2021 – The Wild Issue


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The Wild Issue

Being “wild” has always carried a negative connotation, especially for marginalized groups, but how much could we gain from shaking off social constraints and embracing freedom? In this Wild issue, we explore people, groups, and social ideas that are committed to liberation at all costs whether it’s the freedom fighters in Palestine, activists making the outdoors more accessible, or Western American writers remaking the Wild West lit canon. We get to create the future we desire and we will, no matter how long it takes.


Letter from the Editor | Evette Dionne
Snaps or Scraps
Walk On the Wide Side with Eliza Thornberry
7 on Legacy
Feminist Fill-In: Aurelia Casey
Bitch List


No Man’s Land: Revisiting the Dream of a Female Utopia | Ann Foster
Freedom Fighters: Are Better Days Ahead in Palestine? | Reina Sultan
Mowed Down: Inside the Growing Anti-Lawn Movement | Shailee Koranne


Sweet Hereafter: The Bitter Past and Promising Future of Sugarcane | Alicia Kennedy
Mane Character: How the Unicorn Became Everything to Everyone | s.e. smith
Greater Outdoors: Meet the Leaders Making Nature More Accessible | Bani Amor, Rahawa Haile, and Jolie Varela
Community Service: Inside the Native Tribe Transforming Justice | Abaki Beck
Paradise Lost: What Hedonistic Tourism Costs the Global South | Nicole Froio
Marketing the Monster: Has Trans Identity Become a Sales Pitch? | Oliver Haug


Letter from the HQ
Fellowship Frequency: Oliver Haug
Rage Report
Staff Sound Off


Picking Fights: Can Foraging Be Fruitful for People of Color? | Dakota Kim
In Her Corner: 6 Fictional Women Who Threw the First Punch | Marina Watanabe


Reblazing Saddles: Who Shapes the Wild West Lit Canon? | Nylah Burton
What We’re Reading: Carefree Black Girls


Bare Trap: How Girls Gone Wild Sold Sham Empowerment | Erin Taylor
What We’re Watching: Wynonna Earp | Evette Dionne
Wanderlust: In Praise of Women Traveling Solo


Loud and Clear: There Is No Punk Without Black Women | Vanessa Willoughby
What We’re Listening To: King Isis | DeAsia Paige
Ologies Gets Everything Down to a Science | Andi Zeisler

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