Bash the Rich by Ian Bone


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In Bash The Rich Ian Bone tells it like it was. From The Angry Brigade to The Free Wales Army, from the 1967 Summer of Love to 1977 anarcho-punk, from Grosvenor Square to the Battle of the Beanfield, from the Stop the City riots to Bashing the Rich at the Henley Regatta, Ian Bone breaks his silence.

In the 1980s, Ian Bone was ‘The Anarchist In The UK’ with a half brick in one hand and an incendiary pen in the other.

Better yet though, this is more than just a litany of riots and rucks, however exciting. Its a thoughtful examination of class, struggle, and social change. And a wonderful, vital piece of social and political history.

Ian Bone is the leading militant anarchist in the UK. He was born the son of a socialist butler in 1947 and formed a deep hatred of ‘the rich’ as a result of his family experiences ‘in service’. While studying at Swansea University in the 1960s, Bone honed his raw instincts into a an anarchic political philosophy which dismissed all forms of control whether they were enforced by the ruling class elite or the Trotskyist Left. Bone’s political agenda worked at street and council estate level in Swansea and he gained notoriety when he founded the Alarm scandal sheet which exposed the ‘Swansea Mafia’ and led to the convictions of several local councillors for corruption. Alarm became the scandal sheet that the whole of Swansea talked about, but by the early 80s Bone felt the need to take the model to national level. Before he left Swansea for London Bone and Jimmy Grimes produced the first issue of Class War, a paper which advocated violence as the only means of bringing about revolutionary social change. Throughout the turmoil of the miners’ strike, Bone and his comrades worked to open up a second front of rioting in the inner cities in order to draw police resources away from the mining strongholds. Their aim was not just to bring down the Thatcher government but to be at the vanguard of a social and political revolution that would overthrow the established order.

Paperback: 281 pages
ISBN: 0-9544177-7-1
Publisher: Tangent Books (2006)