ASR 79 (Spring 2020)
2. Wobbles: Parasitism, Anti-Labor Law, Electioneering
4. Obituary: Dick Reilly.
5. International Labor News compiled by Mike Hargis
7. Dock Workers Refuse to Load Supplies for Yemen War by John Kalwaic
7. Indian Workers Occupy Factory by John Kalwaic
8. Articles: Revolt of the Good Guys: Remembering the 1970 US Postal Strike by David Feldmann
9. Outlaw Unions, Illegal Strikes by Jon Bekken
10. Our Morals and Theirs Means and Ends in Anarchist, Liberal & Marxist Morals by Wayne Price
13. Coal Miners Win Unpaid Wages by John Kalwaic
14. Swedish Labor Law and the Future of Syndicalism by Frederick Batzler and Gabriel Kuhn
19. Reviews: The Trotskyist School of Falsification Review essay by Iain McKay
29. Writing for Freedom Review by Mike Long
31. Luigi Galleani & Organization Review by Jon Bekken
31. The Government of No OneReview by Iain McKay
34. The Geneva School Review essay by Ridhiman Balaji
39. Letters: Union Busting, Wigan Pier

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