ASR 78 (Winter 2020)

We are all fast food workers now2. Editorial: Too Far to the Left? Hardly.
3. Wobbles: 32-hour week, Labor Repression Board
4. Obituary: Fred Majer by Mike Hargis
5. International Labor News compiled by Mike Hargis
6. A Class War Against State War by IWW Istanbul
7. ARTICLES: Global Warming: Get Rid of Capitalism! by Bangladesh Anarcho Syndicalist Federation
8. Labor and the Climate Crisis by Jon Bekken
10. We Are All Fast Food Workers Now by Tony Sheather
17. Precursors of Syndicalism IV: The Anarchist-Communist Critique by Iain McKay
21. The Amsterdam Congress: Anarchism and Syndicalism
24. Wigan: Orwell’s Prelude to Red Barcelona Review Essay by Raymond Solomon
27. The Kurdish Tragedy Review Essay by Jon Bekken
29. Reviews: Whither Anarchism? by Iain McKay
34. Venezuelan Anarchism Review by Mike Hargis
35. Revolution in the Australian Cane Fields Review by Barbara Hart
36. How We Shall Bring About the Revolution Review by Iain McKay
37. Writing for Revolution Review by Jon Bekken
37. Carlo Tresca & the First Antifa Review by Jeff Stein
39. Two Sides to Neoliberalism? Film Review by Jeff Stein

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