Archer Magazine #15 – THE FRIENDSHIP ISSUE


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Archer Magazine is an award-winning print publication about sexuality, gender and identity. It is published twice-yearly in Melbourne, Australia, with a focus on lesser-heard voices and the uniqueness of our experiences.

“Growing up isn’t just about popping pimples and trying new things. Growing up is about finding a better world, confronting the realities of life and realising the people in power are incompetent. Growing up is about disappointment, guilt, community, love, and recognising privilege and systematic oppression. Growing up is about creating your space.” – Lucy Watson, editor-in-chief

This edition of Archer Magazine features articles on friends with benefits, loneliness, intergenerational friendship, and chosen family.

“Friendships are beautiful, complicated, sustaining, lifelong, fleeting. They can be sexual. They can be found in unlikely places, be forged with unlikely people, flourish in unlikely circumstances. They can be entirely predictable. They can be a replacement for a partner, or a family. They can be with a partner, or family members. They can be overwhelming.” – Lucy Watson, editor-in-chief

“When I think about what I have learned most from non-monogamy, it is how much more able I feel to turn to these great many circles in times of need, and the help I feel I can offer in return. The friends who hold me for hours when I cry the night of a break-up, the friend who gives me a couch to sleep on when I miss the last bus home, the friend who beats me up when I ask nicely, the friend who tells me I’ll be okay, the friend who fucks me gently when I hear the news of another friend having passed away, the friend who shares a monthly calendar reminder to make sure we see each other, the friend who loves me unconditionally.” –Liz Duck-Chong

“That you’re only allowed to see someone you exchange saliva with, rather than a friend you play board games with, really seems to fly in the face of what we know about [COVID-19].” – Alistair Baldwin

“When friendships become family, LGBTI+ people can truly thrive.” – Hayden Moon

“There’s no immediate salve for the lingering loneliness, the hard-earned loneliness, the ping-ponging loneliness that’s always served back. Not even exquisite queer friendships.” – Alex Creece

“I failed a university paper because I had discovered queer sex and I just wanted to get fisted instead of reading Chaucer” – Ally Garrett