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ASR 86 – Spring/2023


  • Editorial: An Economy Built On Cruelty
  • Wobbles: Falling Wages, Climate Catastrophe
  • Syndicalist News: FoodPanda, Alternative Unions, AIT Centenary compiled by Mike Hargis
  • Articles: Profits of Doom: Green Syndicalism and Tar Sands Worker Deaths by Jeff Shantz
  • Labor Resurgence in Maine by Lisa Feldman
  • Is the Labor Movement Blowing It? by Alexis Buss
  • Shorter Hours, Everywhere But Here?
  • Workers’ Resistance to the Russia-Ukraine War by John Kalwaic
  • (R)Evolution in the 21st Century: Reflections on Syndicalist Strategy by Rasmus Hästbacka
  • The General Strike: Past, Present & Future by Jon Bekken
  • Curious Saviors of the Spanish Revolution: Myths of the POUM by Jeff Stein
  • Reviews: Wild Socialism by Martin Comack
  • American Autocracy by Jeff Stein
  • A Passion For Work? by Jon Bekken
  • Redwashing Stalinism by Shelby Shapiro
  • Anarchist Women in Mexico by Jon Bekken
  • Letters: Ukraine, Rebellion in Iran

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