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ASR 85 – Spring/2022


  • Editorial The War in Ukraine
  • Wobbles Organizing Amazon, ‘Green Capitalism’…
  • Syndicalist News Myanmar, Turkish Strike Wave…
  • Articles Support the Trucker Convoys? by John Kalwaic
  • South Asian Truckers Build Class Solidarity, ‘Freedom Convoy’ Builds Fascism by Jeff Shantz
  • Mandates, Vaccines & Freedom by Wayne Price
  • Capital-labor relations in France, healthcare and American television by René Berthier
  • Responding to the Ukrainian War by Wayne Price
  • Black Wobblies: Hubert Harrison & Ben Fletcher review essay by Jeff Stein
  • Black Anarchism review by Jon Bekken
  • The Timber Workers’ Strike of 1917 by Eric Chester
  • Frank Little’s Last Speeches
  • Reviews Class War in Spokane by Bill Barry
  • Challenges for Anarchist Sapiens by Brian Martin
  • Resisting Capital by Martin Comack
  • Towards a Libertarian Socialism by Iain McKay
  • New Model Organizing: Lessons for Organizing Adjunct Faculty by Robert Ovetz
  • Remembering the 1960s review essay by Tony Sheather

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